Ansys – Gear Wheel

This demo illustrates the connection between KIMEME, CATIA and Ansys. The aim of this demo is to optimize the geometric parameters of a gear wheel, in order to avoid overloaded fracture due to pressure on a single teeth, minimizing deformation and stress. The geometry of the wheel is defined and modified by CATIA, then its parameters are used to determine the pressure module. Von Mises stress and deformation values are calculated by means of FEM analysis, carried on by Ansys.

Pressure angle [15…25] degrees

Gear thickness [1…10] mm

Pressure angle should be standard

Minimize deformation

Minimize Von Mises stress

MODE (Multi-Objective Differential-Evolution)

1500 evaluations, with parallel execution on 4 workstations using KIMEME Network. Execution time: 60 minutes.

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