Automotive Industry


A multinational company specialized in the supply of high technology products and systems for the automotive industry had a quantity of backlogs to optimize. The main objective was therefore to reduce the volume of outstanding orders, so as to:

  • increase revenues at the same production capacity;
  • increase cost efficiency;
  • have an effective stock inventory plan, reducing the fixed capital.
  • Analysis of the plant and workforce rotation
  • Order rationalization
  • Application of new planning constraints on a single line and evaluation of the result to be applied to the process
  • Production plan optimization
  • Scheduling resizing
  • Reduction of non-fulfilled orders with lost revenue up by + 8% compared to the standard plan, not optimized with Cyber ​​Dyne AI technologies.
  • Reduction of general machine and line setup times, managing the availability of technical staff.
  • 60% reduction of in-stock items.
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