Magnet – Electric Motor

This demo illustrates the connection between KIMEME, Matlab, and a generic Windows process, in this case Infolytica Magnet. This demo optimizes the geometry and dimensions of an electric motordrive to reach minimum weight and cost. Torque and efficiency values are calculated by means of FEM analysis carried on by Infolytica Magnet. The motor geometry is defined and modified by using the Matlab API. Cost and weight are estimated using an Excel spreadsheet.

External stator radius: [35,42] mm

External rotor radius: [24,30] mm

Axial Length: [0..100] N/mm

Tooth width: [0.05,0.14] p.u.

Magnet length: [0.2,0.9] p.u.

Magnet heigth: [0.2,0.8] p.u.

Current: [0.15,0.2] p.u.

Nominal Torque > 0.3 Nm

Efficiency > 80%

Minimize weight

Minimize material cost

JDE + SPSA (Multi-Objective Memetic Self-Adaptive Differential-Evolution)

600 FEM evaluations, with parallel execution on 4 workstations using KIMEME Network. Execution time: 35 minutes.

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