KIMEME for Computer Aided Engineering is a single web interface on demand for concurrent design, process integration and optimization for engineering design.



With KIMEME – the flexible cloud based platform for multi objective and multi disciplinary optimization – you can describe the design workflow, integrate in it your commercial or in-house simulation code and than optimize and automate the processes.

All optimization algorithms in Kimeme are open and you can use the several statistic, interactive 3D plots and static tool to explore your project data. Several CAD/CAE integration nodes are supported to build your design workflow with your day-by-day software tools.

You can use your cluster with Kimeme Network to accelerate your calculations. The optimization and simulation process may be remotely executed on LAN and supported HPC queques, or onto the cloud by means of Amazon AWS/EC2 and Penguin Computing.


New Release

New CAD/CAE integration nodes with execution timers; The platform improved solver with multiple levels of parallelism;  node-local history:every process in the workflow keeps track of its own evaluations; several bug-fixings and GUI enhancements; web browser execution; CLI interface.


You can easily solve your optimization problems regardless the number of objectives at hands. KIMEME helps you identify the best set of equivalent solutions (the so-called Pareto Set) with ease. KIMEME is scalable and can handle optimization problems up to thousands of variables involved.

Network and Cloud

Depending on the available cores, optimization and simulation processes can be integrated in a mixed environment, with local execution, remote execution on LAN and support of HPC queues into the CLOUD. You just need to specify your login data and the number of instances.

Process Integration

You can describe arbitrarily complex project workflows by means of simple and intuitive graphic data flow. Dependency, execution order and simulation files are automatically exchanged among processes, in order to avoid manual errors when several runs are executed and with a test procedure.

Design Space Exploration

You can save time defining very easily efficient sets of experiments that cover the design parameter space in different ways that can be tested. KIMEME supports several efficient algorithms for RSM – such as Kriging, RBF, Neural Networks, Adaptive Genetic Programming – and guides you to the best modelling method.

Data Mining and Analysis

All the tables are customizable, sortable and intelligent with filters to restrict specific areas of the design space. KIMEME includes a component for sensitivity analisys, Multi Objective Robust Design Optimization and statistical analysis with correlation tools to grasp the underlying behavior of your design process.

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